Troubleshoot My Hot Tub

Read First !

Here at Central Florida Hot Tub Repair we are always looking out for our potential customers. So in order to save you money we have made a list of common hot tub problems and easy ways to fix them yourself. Although these fixes may be simple for some people, many of them involve electricity and should only be performed using extreme caution. Central Florida Hot Tub Repair will not be held responsible for anyone who uses these methods and in doing so causes personal injury/damage to themselves, others, the hot tub, or the owners residence. 

My spa will not turn on

1. Check your breaker to make sure it hasn't tripped. You can tell for sure by moving the breaker bar all the way off and then all the way back on. If it sets, go check the tub.

2. Check the G.F.C.I. on the control pack. It's the little rectangle with a red and black button on it. Press the red reset button to make sure it hasn't tripped. "not all hot tubs have this".

3. Press the little red "high limit" button in the lower right hand corner of the control pack. If this was popped out it means the hot tub has overheated for any number of reasons. It may have been a dirty filter that caused it. Not all tubs have this reset but it wont hurt to look.

4. If any of these do not reset then you most likely have a bad hot tub component such as a heater or a pump. Give us a call or send us an e-mail with your name and address included so that a technician can contact you for a service appointment.

My jets don't have the same pressure they used to have.


My jets have little or no water flow.

1. Check the filter, it may be dirty. The best way to clean a very dirty filter is to soak it is a strong mixture of dishwasher detergent and water. This breaks up the built up body oils and dirt trapped in the filter. Then, simply use a garden hose to clean the pleats of the filter.

2. It is possible that an object has been lodged in the pump of the plumbing leading to the pump.

My digital spaside control gives me the error code FL, FLO, 


1. Check your filter, it may be dirty.

2. Your circulation pump has quit working.

3. You have a malfunctioning pressure switch.

4. This error code indicates an inhibited flow of water. There could be an obstruction in the plumbing.

5. If you run the hot tub without the filter(s) and you still get the error code contact us for a service appointment.

My hot tub has power but I can't get my jets and/or air blower to turn on.

1. Some hot tubs have air buttons that activate their pumps and air blowers. If you have air buttons, check to see that the air line connecting the button to the control pack is connected and that it does not have water in it.

2. You may have a bad pump or air blower. Contact us

3. You may have an issue with your control pack. Contact us

My digital spaside control gives me an error code that starts with "Sn".

1. This indicates that one of your sensors has gone bad. Usually this is a "high limit" or "temp" sensor. We can order most of these depending on what make/model hot tub you have.

My digital spaside control gives me the error code "OH".

Do not get in the water! Check to make sure it is not too hot if you plan on getting in!

"OH" indicates that the water has reached 112* F. This can be caused by a few things.

1. The hot tub is going into a filter cycle too often. Check your owners manual, "if you have one" and adjust the filter cycle to 2 times per day for a duration of 2 hours. Pumps create enough friction to heat the water by themselves if they run too much. Some spas don't even have an electric heater because they rely on the pump to do all of the heating.

 2. It's hot here in Florida, and most hot tubs are made to go all over the U.S. and Canada, therefore they are often times heavily insulated. If you still have a problem with your hot tub getting hotter than you would like, you can set the spa in "economy" mode. This can be found in your owners manual but usually it involves holding one button down and pressing another until the display  reads "Ec" or similar. Economy mode restricts the tub from heating unless it is in a filter cycle. This tends to keep the tub closer to your set temperature.

3.If you are still having problems the control pack may be keeping the heater on when it's not supposed to. In this case contact us for a service appointment.

I just filled my hot tub and now no water will come out of the jets. I can hear the pump running but nothing is happening.

1. You may have an airlock in the plumbing. Try turning the pump from high to low speed over and over until the air works itself out.

2. You could also loosen one of the pump unions to bleed the air out. Remember to turn the union collar counter clockwise away from the pump to loosen it.

My hot tub works normally but as soon as I turn the thermostat up the spa shuts down.

1. You most likely have a bad heater or something wrong with the heater circuit. Contact us for a service appointment.